eBook, re-mediación y e-literacy. Evolución y desarrollo del libro electrónico en una perspectiva digital / E-book, Means and Media Reconsidering and E-literacy. The Evolution and Development of E-book from a Digital Perspective


English abstract

Writing presents language in the way we think and process it: with its rigorous grammar, its defined semantics and its articulated syntax. We equally know that thanks to writing logical and reflective thinking is born. We are still in that great digital movement that started with orality and that currently cohabitates with other ways of communication: sounds, icons… This environment has Leer más »


Education, reading and hypertextuality. The fragmentation of the body text. / Educación , lectura e hipertextualidad . La fragmentación del cuerpo del texto.

ABSTRACT (Article in italian / Articulo en italiano):
With electronic technology, writing, reading, interaction and communication between different actors, teachers, students, readers and writers has changed. The reversal of roles, or the overturning of the same prospects of read-write, to date require further investigation and research into the changes themselves learning. Education can not be separated, in the twenty-first century, by knowing and mastering electronic technology, with the aim of producing increased learning and even encouraged by the use of tools typical of everyday life. During the themes developing of re-mediation, the text layout and organization and location of the same phrases and words within a blank page or a spreadsheet, it offers an in-depth research on the issues outstanding, as proposed by Bolter, McLuhan, Dewey.