eBook, re-mediación y e-literacy. Evolución y desarrollo del libro electrónico en una perspectiva digital / E-book, Means and Media Reconsidering and E-literacy. The Evolution and Development of E-book from a Digital Perspective


English abstract

Writing presents language in the way we think and process it: with its rigorous grammar, its defined semantics and its articulated syntax. We equally know that thanks to writing logical and reflective thinking is born. We are still in that great digital movement that started with orality and that currently cohabitates with other ways of communication: sounds, icons… This environment has Leer más »


e-Motions in the New Books: When the e-Book Captures the Reader Emphatically

BookIn contemporary society, many changes are determined by the arrival of new technologies—which in a social context that is frenetic, chaotic, and liquid (Bauman, 2008)—involves people in its complexity. This change and the subsequent shift to digital products has adduced to a transformation of the written text and its forms of reading, as well as a change of the relation that we have with our emotions. These emotions can be “positive and noble—like enthusiasm and love—or rejections— destructive like anxiety and boredom” (Rosati 2006). This fact has a global character, since it does not only concern the person—the educator and the student—Leer más »

Autoedición para eBook. Entre los principales libros de la semana. / Autoedición para eBook. Among the major books of the week.


Nos acaban de comunicar que el libro “Autoedición para eBook. Dudas, preguntas y experiencias.” (10/2014), se encuentra entre los principales libros de la semana, el segundo más interesante en el área Educación y lenguaje ( http://www.lulu.com/shop/enrico-bocciolesi/autoedici%C3%B3n-para-ebook-dudas-preguntas-y-experiencias/paperback/product-21846880.html?ppn=1 )

We have just announced that the book “Autoedición para eBook. Dudas, preguntas y experiencias.” (10/2014), ranks among the better books of the week, the second most interesting in the area of Education and Language ( http://www.lulu.com/shop/enrico-bocciolesi/autoedici%C3%B3n-para-ebook-dudas-preguntas-y-experiencias/paperback/product-21846880.html?ppn=1 )